What do you want to see?

Happy Monday, my craft loving friends! Can you believe its already mid-August? Time to get crafting for the holidays! 🙂 I'm planning a couple of holiday video series and blog posts (at, my blog has moved... please subscribe to the new page) for the coming months and could really use your help... after all, all the… Continue reading What do you want to see?


This blog is moving.

I'm changing the name of my blog and the only way I could figure out to do that, and have the URL correct, was to create a new blog and move the posts. You'll find the new site here: Debbie J's Crafting Corner Please stop by for a visit and subscribe to the new blog. … Continue reading This blog is moving.

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Self-improvement in the new year

Over the last couple of months, I've been sick at home. While trying to be somewhat productive, I've re-organized my crafting supplies (and decided on a few new things I need to put in place) and updated my financial records in case I turn crafting into an actual business. My creative mojo is pretty much… Continue reading Self-improvement in the new year


Stop buying duplicate craft supplies!

Have you ever bought duplicates of the same stamp or die? Or pass up a bargain because you don’t remember if you have it? I know that I have. Hi.  This is Debbie with Debbie J’s Crafting Corner. This last year, I went really gung-ho with paper crafting and bought lots and lots of stamps… Continue reading Stop buying duplicate craft supplies!

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Crafting my way into 2018!

The biggest thing that I learned in 2017 is that people truly appreciate receiving handmade kindness. I'm amazed that I didn't realize this before now, but crafters truly make the world a happier place, and I'm so glad to be part of this elite group.

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Super cool Coffee Charms!

I think these are so cute and such a great idea.  I've made some stitch markers for my mom-in-law, and some planner charms for others, and think this would make such a great addition. I'm also thinking that these would make great handmade Christmas gifts for Coffee Lovers! Oh NO!  Now I'll want to get… Continue reading Super cool Coffee Charms!