Fitness in the New Year

I set some lofty goals for 2016, that I didn’t quite reach.

  • 500 miles running… only made it to 300 miles
  • Lose some weight… gained a couple of pounds
  • Exercise regularly…  I let the Florida heat be an excuse for a few months, then I caught a cold that has hung on for the last month or so.


Here we are starting 2017, and I’m resetting those goals while trying not to be too disappointed in my apparent failure.  But I didn’t really fail.  I learned.  I learned that I need to create an exercise habit and to not overdo it too early.  I learned that my body does not like running in the heat, so that’s the time to hit the treadmill.  And I was reminded that Life Happens.

I was also reminded that setting lofty goals is good.  If you fail when you are shooting for the moon, you may end up amongst the stars.  If you shoot too low, you may just make it, but you won’t progress or grow.

Keep shooting for the moon!

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