“Cube” to 5k – day 1

Ok. The challenge started on the 1st, but I didn’t make it to the treadmill until today.  Although the run was a little slow, I’m pleased with the workout, and what I discovered today.

I’ve always hated interval training.  My husband is an insane athlete (does Ironman and off road races… for fun) and has recommended 4 minute and 20 minute intervals… I just can’t run that long at any decent pace.

The first week of this plan has you run 60 second and walk for 90 seconds. This gives you time to recover from the run, regardless of how fast you went, and is great for beginners.  I’m thinking it’s going to be great for me too.  I’ve never done an actual training plan… I just go out there and try to get the miles in with a run/walk.  And I get frustrated with my lack of speed.

This plan is going to give me the opportunity to focus on speed for each 60 second interval, and will give me plenty of time to rest before the next one… who knows.  Maybe I’ll have a PR at the 5k coming up in April… only time will tell.

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