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Big or Small?

via Daily Prompt: Specific

Think BIG or think small. Think general or think specific. The way we think determines what we get done.  Thinking BIG is great!  It helps expand your vision and helps you get an idea of what you want to see, have or become.  The hard part comes in trying to bring that vision to fruition… what do you have to do to make it happen?  We all confront this quandary. elephant-clip-art-cute-baby-elephant-clipart_2

How do you eat an elephant?  Simple.  One bite at a time.  Break that huge vision or goal down into smaller steps.  Get specific.  By knowing the specifics of what you want to accomplish, you are able to create small, actionable steps to get there.

For example, I have this humongous goal for myself: run 500 miles in 2017.  There is no way I could accomplish that if I tried to take it on all at once.  My longest run/walk was about 16 miles… I would fall way short.  But, if I break it down to average weekly or monthly action plans, it’s more doable.  I did learn last year that these are not exactly 500/12 for monthly, or 500/52 for weekly… there are going to be weeks and months that you aren’t able to perform for one reason or another.  So the action plans have to stay fluid. Goals are written in stone, plans are written in sand.  It’s ok to reset them or even start over.

Keep reaching for your dreams.  Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll still land amongst the stars!

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