One week into the new year, and, in some ways, I’m already procrastinating.

My goals for the new year range from fitness to organization, to advancement at work, to expanding creatively through an array of digital and contemporary medias.

Since it’s Saturday, and the weather has finally turned chilly in Central Florida, I main focus should be studying for a Securities Licensing exam. Everyone I’ve spoken to about the Series 10 agrees that it is one of the toughest tests.  I’m planning on attempting it again in the next 30 to 60 days… it’s a bit necessary if I want to advance any further in my current career. Today, I’ve done one small practice test.  That’s it.  That’s all towards this goal.

I can’t be too hard on myself, though.  This morning I did get in a run on the “Cube” to 5k training plan I’m doing… that’s my second workout for this thus far.  I’ve worked a bit on this blog, trying to discover and develop the writer that I’m sure is somewhere within me. I’ve been looking into some ideas for better desk usage and organization (I’ll post progress pics once we get working on it).  And I am slowly learning about the motorcycle I inherited from my dad, and how to start fixing it.  I really hope it will run once I’m done… it’s only been sitting for about 20 years.

Looking at the list of things I did today, I don’t feel too bad.  Even if I didn’t complete the plan, I was at least a little productive.  I learned a few things, and I enjoyed the day.

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