Looking to the sky

I love looking up.  If I’m in my house, I can only see the ceiling.  In my front yard, I see bits of blue sky through the trees.  It could be easy to say that this is all there is.

But then I look at the sky.  Sometimes there is just that ceiling of blue.  Other times there are white fluffy clouds that you can tell are miles away and your vision has no choice but to expand.  And then there is the sky at night.  Deep purples, blues, and blacks with scatterings of pinprick stars. This is when you realize just how infinitely small we are, and how enormous everything else is.


Looking at life is the same way.  Getting caught up in all the urgent, in your face, things only show you such a small picture of what your life is and what it can mean.  Step back and try to see the big picture.  Look for what’s important, not just what is urgent.  Look for what makes you feel more you.  More alive. More needed. More special.  More fulfilled.  In this search, you will see that the possibilities are infinite.

Keep reaching for the moon.  Even if you fail, you will land amongst the stars.

via Daily Prompt: Infinite

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