Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel


Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

I’m a velociraptor motha duckas!  I’m running around the Cretaceous plains with me and my velociraptor buddies, jacking protoceratopses.  Every now and then if we want a challenge, we’ll go after a brontosaur.  I’ve even made a little deinonychus buddy named Bitefighter.  We’re all sleeping off a meal, sunbathing on the rocks, when suddenly we hear:  “Ca-CAW!”  I sit up and notice my buddies have shot to their feet, their eyes wide in terror.  “What is it?” I ask a badass raptor warrior named Ripfang.  He turns to me, on the verge of panic.  “Don’t you know?” he blurts.  “Exes never die.  They come back as pissed-off pterodactyls.  Game over, man!  GAME—”  and before he finishes the sentence, a green blur streaks down from the sky and rips its talons across his flesh, exposing bloody chunks of spine and backstrap.  He dies with a surprised gurgle.  HOLY BALLS!  We’re all scrambling to our…

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