Astrology 9 Year Cycle

A walk in my shoes

Recently, I have been seeing things about astrology called a ‘9 year’. I did not know what it was so I started doing some research. According to Astrology, our lives consist of a 9 year cycle. Year 1 is the start of new beginnings in your life. Year 9 is the end of the cycle were one is called to review all aspects of their lives. It is about things ending, old memories coming up so one can heal, and doors closing. It may seem hard at the time, but it is because our new cycle is coming. Its like a blessing in disguise.

Now, there is a personal 9 year cycle and a universal 9 year cycle. Your personal 9 year cycle is based off your birthday. If you want to know what year you are in, google “astrology personal 9 year cycle calculator.” The universal 9 year cycle

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