Happy Friday

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

Happy Friday!

That’s how I greet so many people on Friday each week.  I figure life is too short to be grumpy.

At least that is most of the time.  This week was a little harder to stay positive and upbeat. No real reason.  Sometimes you just aren’t at the top of your game.

I’ve been feeling a little down, and like I may be spreading myself a little too thin.  Just like everyone else.  We go to work, come home and take care of the house and family, try to fit in time for fitness and social time.  In the end, we rarely have time just to be.

Sometimes that gets to me, and I just get tired.  Other times, I am super motivated and want to get things done, learn new things, and do more.  Hopefully, I’m leaving the feeling of being overworked, and entering the feeling of “let’s get stuff done”.

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