Adventures..., Crafting

Adventures in Crafting…

A few weeks ago, I decided to organize my life a little better and bought a planner along with a few weeks to try to personalize it.  Although I haven’t really gotten into cutifying things, I thought that this might help me to stay on track.

Last week, a friend noticed the cute magnetic bookmarks that I had in my planner.  Set of 3 cost about $4, and I really like them.  It’s been a few years since I had used the magnetic type (typically, an old business card or hotel key card would do).  Anyway, since it looked like she might want some, I took a look online to see what Michael’s had and whether there was a sale (I LOVE their discounts and sales), and then had a wacky thought… I wonder if I could make them myself.  I had an old magnetic sheet, sooo….

After looking around the interwebs, I gave it a try…. I LOVE my new bookmarks!  And they match my planner perfectly (since I used the same washi tape for both).


I took another trip to Michael’s… that store is dangerous.  I bought several sets of washi tape, cardstock, and magnetic sheets… here is the result from this afternoon… I have a couple of friends in mind for these.


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