Adventures in … Organization?

I’ve got my planner, and I’m actually using it.  I’ve started running, and I’m not too far off track. I’m reading and quizzing for that securities license exam.  We’ve even gotten some work done on the landscaping a couple of weeks ago. Great!  2017 seems to be starting off good.

Then my hubby tells me that his parents have decided that, yes, they do want us to ship some of the furniture and stuff that we’ve been “holding” for them for years, and, yes, they will take my grandmother’s old cedar bed and dresser until we are ready to use it again (it’s only been taking up space in the spare bedroom/junk room since I pulled it out of storage a few years back).  Sounds good.  And, by the way, the POD is being dropped off on Tuesday and picked up on Thursday… and I still have to go to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  And didn’t I say something about running… Wednesday is a running day.

This weekend, most of everything was placed on hold.  I did get in my 30-minute run.  But once that was done, it was time to start working on pulling all the stuff out so it can go into the POD when it gets here.

The small room we are cleaning out had an old desk, a full-size bed, and dresser, 2 antique rocking chairs, 1 additional rocking chair, 2 bookcases, a free weight machine, a dip rack, and a bunch more stuff that we pulled had out of storage (replacing everything would have cost less than the accumulated storage fees… not worth keeping a unit).  Plus a ton of shipping boxes.  He works from home and sells on eBay as a hobby, so he has to ship things from time to time.

I have no idea how we had enough space for all that stuff.  After getting all the stuff that will no longer be here out of the room, Hubby started re-evaluating the best use of the space.  We both came to the same conclusion.  He wanted better visibility and organization.  So the choices were to get nice wooden bookcases that would work well for a bedroom, library… or get industrial size/style shelving that he could move into the new garage he’s wanting to build at a later date.  Industrial size won out.  Off to Sam’s, Lowes, Home Depot we go.  In the end, we got 2 77″ x 78″ x 24″ units… HUGE!  We spent almost all of Sunday shopping for, bringing home, assembling, and loading up the shelves in the room.

Part of the plan was that I would have space for my crafting supplies… The bookcase that we are keeping isn’t big enough for all my “photo” boxes that I use to sort and store all the supplies that keep accumulating.

Today, I had a brilliant idea.  I could clean out the hall closet and use that to hold most of my craft supplies. Yeah. Right.  Did I say that we have too much stuff?  This means that it’s hard to let go of anything, even if it’s not something I really want.  I keep thinking, “I could make something from that”.  And then I never do.

2 full shelves were full of old cd and DVD slimline cases.  I’ve been saying for years that I could make something from those.  Hubby thinks it’s a waste of space.  He’s right.  I couldn’t find anything online that I would actually want to make from those.  So into the trash they go.

The top shelf held a bunch of binders, stacked about a foot and a half high.  I have no idea what is in most of these, how old they are, if anything in them is worth keeping, or if the binders are still usable.  So now they are in a couple of file boxes by my desk so I can go through them and purge!

So that is my organizational work of the day.  PURGE!

Image result for declutter

Unbelievably, most of my crafting supplies fit!  I did have to put a little of the original mess back into the closet, but, once I boxed them up, that part didn’t take up all that much space.  So now the little bookcase (a cheap thing I bought at Walmart about 15 years ago) can be done away with, and there is still a little extra space on the other nice bookcase.  Best of all, the majority of my crafting supplies are in easier reach since the closet is right off our computer room where I do most of my non-messy crafting!  YAY!


Crafting Supply Closet 🙂


Next step is to clean out and reorganize the individual boxes to use the space better… but that adventure is for another day.


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