Adventures..., Fitness

Adventures in Fitness…

I’m almost done with the Cube to 5k plan that I’ve been promoting at work for my Wellness group. I still have a couple of weeks (at least) to go ’cause life happens and I don’t always run when I plan to.

Today’s goal was to run (not run/walk like I always do) 2.25 miles with a 5 minute warm up and cool down. As I expected, I don’t have the stamina to go that far…yet. What I did accomplish was 1.25 miles before walking. I’m learning to pace myself so that I don’t get completely out of breath and have to stop. Today, the issue was calf cramping.

I am a little confused on my Garmin… does anyone else have this issue when using a foot pod? I think it is looking at my “bounce”, not my distance, even though I have the GPS turned on. Since I am a really slow runner, I tend to not have much bounce in my cadence. I tried testing it at one point on the run. Although I know my cadence and speed did NOT increase (cadence actually dropped), my pace went from 17 min/mile to 12 min/mile. I don’t think the Garmin/foot pod is supposed to react that way.


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