Adventures..., Fitness

Adventures in Fitness…

Ugh!  I am so tired of being so slow, being so weak and having no perceivable endurance.

How many times have I started over, and how many times have I tried and not seen results.  And how many of you have gone through, or are going through the same thing?

The worst part is that I know better… with my brain.  I know that fitness takes time, persistence and consistency.  That’s probably why I’ve never been that good at it.  Many years ago, I tricked myself into getting somewhat fit.  I just wanted some time with my hubby away from the kids.  He wanted to lift weights.  So I went.  I didn’t like lifting.  I would have preferred doing one of the aerobics classes.  I mean, what woman doesn’t like doing something akin to dancing?  But, no.  Instead I faked lifting weights.  At least for the first half to 2/3rd of each workout.  Then I’d get mad at myself and start trying… a little.

I guess weight training worked for me.  I don’t remember how long we kept it up, I didn’t track it.  So, today, I have no idea how to duplicate my results.  Everyone is different, I’m a lot older now, and what worked then may not work now.

My current husband is an avid runner and cyclist, and does it on his own…which means I don’t have someone to hang out with during the workouts… he is much faster than me running and biking.  So I try to do it on my own, only to get frustrated at my lack of progress after a month or so.

Today was my first run in a couple of weeks… Maybe if I keep restarting, eventually I’ll get into the shape I want.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get faster.

turtles run


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