Adventures in… video DIY tutorials!

I took the next step.  I just got in new lighting and boom for my Lumix camera, and put together a couple of tutorials today.  The editing isn’t great and I have a lot to learn, but it’s a start.

I just published this DIY on making a Traveler’s notebook dashboard and would love your feedback. In the process, I learned a couple of really good lessons.

  1.  Don’t cut anything when you are tired.  A calf cramp woke me up last night so I didn’t really get enough sleep.  So I wasn’t entirely awake until after my first cup of coffee.  Which means that I wrote down the wrong measurements for the project I was working on and did this video twice.  It’s good for practice, but I don’t have a real use for the extra dashboard that I made, and it took an extra hour or so of my day that I can’t get back.  I’ll find something to do with it… it’s really cute and I love Doctor Who stuff!
  2. Measure everything at least twice.  Even after the first measuring error, it turned out that I had mismeasured for the second one I was doing today (video on that one will be uploading today as well. )  At least I checked that one before putting it all together and running it through the laminator.
  3. Relax.  I didn’t realize that I would get nervous doing this.  I think that is the reason for the measurement errors.  I’ll get better with time.  I’m just a little surprised because I talk to people for a living.

Even knowing all of that, I hope that you will watch and enjoy my video tutorial.  I welcome your comments and suggestions so that I can improve.  Please like and subscribe to my new YouTube channel and let me know what other tutorials you would like to see.  I love crafting, and, while I’m into paper crafting right now, there are lots of other things that I’d love to have another reason to make!


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