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Adventures in Crafting: Planner Clip Holder Flip Book – Craft Challenge!

Hi guys!

In trying to decide on what to make for this month’s craft challenge, I started rummaging around in my paper scraps.  A friend had asked me how I store my planner clips, and I had recently seen some pretty flipbooks… so I decided to make my first one as a planner clip holder.  And I think it turned out pretty well.


Here is what I did.

You’ll need:

  1. Imagination
  2. Pretty Cardstock
  3. A paper trimmer or scissors
  4. Adhesive
  5. Ribbon or twine

Step 1: I started off with 3 pieces of 6” x 6” card stock. This will be the base for your flip book.  You’ll want to trim just a smidge off of 1 side of 2 of the pieces so that, when you have them all put together, they will fold together nicely.


Step 2:  The 6” x 6” cardstock piece that was not trimmed is going to be the center piece.  Tape one the 6” sides on a trimmed piece to one of the sides of the center piece.  Do the same with the 3rd pieces on the opposite side of the center piece.


Step 3: Cover the tape with washi.  This is to make your flip book prettier and add a little extra support.

Step 4: I cut a couple of 6” X 2” cardstock to use as pockets on the outer pages… and then added 2 more.  Strips of double adhesive tape worked great in holding them in place.

Step 5:  Then I decided that I needed something more in the center.  I took another piece of cardstock that was almost 6”X6”, and trimmed it a little to make sure it could lay in the middle with the outer pages closed.  Then I scored about a half inch from the bottom, folded at the score, and glued the folded piece to the bottom of my center page.

Step 6: From here, it’s all about decorating and making storage.  I decided to use the pockets to hold planner clips, and glued a few strips of cardstock to the center page, and center flap to hold more clips.



Step 7: Once everything was done, I wasn’t satisfied.  So, I punched a couple of holes on the right cover, and on the right spine, and ran some pretty ribbon through to hold it shut.


I now have a new way to store some of my planner clips, and it will fit in my bag with my planners.

I really loved this spontaneous project, and I think I’ll make some smaller ones to give as gifts with a few cute things inside.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and would love to see what you create!  If you would prefer that I make one for you, please let me know.  I am always taking custom orders and love making new things.

Thanks again for reading my blog, and have a great day!

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