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Adventures in Fitness: Trying out the Wahoo Elemnt

We are keeping the Wahoo Elemnt bike computer that my hubby, Todd bought for his bike but doesn’t work with his power meter. It does work with mine. Only trouble is, it DOES NOT sync with Garmin Connect, and, so far, I haven’t found a way manually get the info into Garmin Connect. Everything we have found on the interwebs so far says that it doesn’t work… and this has been a known issue for years. It appears that Garmin doesn’t like the idea of using the other device on their site…hmmm.  I’ll be checking out YouTube and the interwebs to see what other folks have discovered regarding this device.
The Wahoo Elemnt does automatically upload to other sites, like Strava. And Strava allows me to upload a link to my ride. Let me know if you are not able to see it with the attached link. I like being able to share my workouts, ’cause it helps to keep me accountable and motivated (somewhat… sometimes crafting or studying takes over)
Today, I did 22 miles, incredibly hot (of course it is August in Florida), and I pushed a little bit. Lately, I’ve been trying to take it easy on my rides, just to get used to riding again, and to make it fun. Having the computer on the neck of the handlebars, instead of trying to look at my watch, is a plus and minus. The plus is that I can see all the data that I might want to see, on the fly, while I’m riding. This is also a minus, because I have a hard time taking it easy when I see that my numbers suck more than is acceptable, and I always try to do a little bit better. My performance always sucks, ’cause I don’t work out enough, and I’ve never trained for speed (I don’t race on the bike like Todd does).

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