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Crafting my way into 2018!

What a busy couple of months!  I don’t know why I’m surprised. October thru April are always super busy for me, and I’m still always surprised when it happens again.

Work gets busier as we approach the end of the year (I work for a brokerage firm) and tax season.  I love Halloween and Christmas and love making things and decorating.  In past years I made styrofoam and paper mache Halloween props and Christmas cookies.

This year I’ve been too busy making cards to work on those. And deciding to send a Halloween card, and a Christmas card to everyone I know at work was a pretty large objective… around 600 cards total in just a few months, not including birthdays and other occasion cards.  Especially for someone that has never done this before.

The last week or so, my body decided it was time to slow down and I caught a cold.  My creative mojo is in hiding and all I’ve had the energy for is watching Netflix.

But 2018 is fast approaching!  I don’t have time to be sick, and I don’t have time to put off planning for the coming year.  I didn’t reach the goals that I set in January, and my interests and objectives have changed and evolved over the last year.  I’m not the same person that I was in January.  Are any of us?

This year I started a blog, a YouTube channel and a crafting related facebook page.  I started the year wanting to get more organized, and have evolved into a crafting obsessed person.  LOL!

For 2018, I plan to re-organize, re-focus and channel what I’ve learned in 2017 more productively.  The biggest thing that I learned in 2017 is that people truly appreciate receiving handmade kindness.  I love that term.  I first heard it said by Jennifer McGuire, and she is so right.  That is what cardmakers do.  We create a way for people to hand out kindness, whether we are the people giving cards or other handmade items, or we are selling our creations to allow others to give a little love.  I’m amazed that I didn’t realize this before now, but crafters truly make the world a happier place, and I’m so glad to be part of this elite group.


After posting this, I saw the best video that reiterates what I learned this year… that we are giving away kindness.  Take a look at Jennifer McGuire’s recent video.  She explains this so well, and, if you have seen her other videos, you know that this comes straight from her heart.  She is such an inspiration to me.

Let’s make 2018 a great year!  Happy Crafting!


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