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Self-improvement in the new year

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been sick at home.

While trying to be somewhat productive, I’ve re-organized my crafting supplies (and decided on a few new things I need to put in place) and updated my financial records in case I turn crafting into an actual business.

My creative mojo is pretty much out the window right now.  So I’m trying to work my left-brain by re-setting up my planner system.  Last year, I got distracted by stamping and moved into card making.  My planner got some, but not a lot of, use.

This weekend, I started absorbing planner videos.  One thing I saw that I tend not to do is journal.  I’ve tried it before… like most girls, I started a diary as a teen.  And again as a young adult.  I don’t know why, but I always thought that what I wrote would seem embarrassing or stupid if anyone else read it.  And I couldn’t figure out the purpose of journaling.  So I never got more than a few pages in.

I like to have a practical reason for a lot of what I do.  Writing in a diary never seemed practical.  It just seemed a way to vent for a while… but why keep it?  A plain piece of paper (or a word doc) would do just as well, and then you could ball it up and throw it away.

This morning I found a great blog that discusses the why.  Now it makes sense and I can move forward with journaling.  I need to do a lot more research on this (and other things), but I feel I’m on my way to a great 2018 (once my cold let’s go, that is).

“Read This If You Want To Keep A Journal But Don’t Know How” by Darius Foroux

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