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Adventures in Crafting: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

I recently received another 24 pack of Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.  I know that everyone on the Interwebs raves about Copics.  I've been just unwilling to invest that much while I'm learning.  Of course, I didn't expect to want a 2nd pack of these either.  Luckily, I found a great sale, and will be waiting… Continue reading Adventures in Crafting: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

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Adventures in Crafting: Simple “Summer at the Beach” Card

I'm working on getting my creative juices flowing again.  So, I decided to throw together a few cards. For this simple card, I grabbed one of the stamp sets I hadn't used yet, and got to stamping!  I think this turned out pretty cute.  Maybe next time, I'll use water colors instead of the Spectrum… Continue reading Adventures in Crafting: Simple “Summer at the Beach” Card

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Inspired Birthday Balloon Cards

I absolutely love watching YouTube crafting videos! And Jennifer McGuire is one of my favorites. Tonight, instead of just binge watching while I worked on a card or two, I decided to make a bunch inspired by this video. I made 9 cards, mostly for birthdays and congratulations (I keep discovering one more person's birthday,… Continue reading Inspired Birthday Balloon Cards

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Hello again.

Hi Guys!I've been busy trying to reorganize my life, my stuff and my priorities over the last month and I've been busy trying to reorganize my life, my stuff and my priorities over the last month and haven't posted recently.  The recent obsession with crafting, paper crafting specifically, has caused an influx of tools and supplies… Continue reading Hello again.


Happy Friday

via Daily Prompt: Overworked Happy Friday! That's how I greet so many people on Friday each week.  I figure life is too short to be grumpy. At least that is most of the time.  This week was a little harder to stay positive and upbeat. No real reason.  Sometimes you just aren't at the top… Continue reading Happy Friday

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I came with the name several years ago after going through a tough time.  I decided that, no matter what life threw at me, I didn't want to wallow in the muck.  I'm pretty sure that friends and family are unaware of how much life has hurt me, and they may think that I didn't care… Continue reading LuminaSpirit?


Looking to the sky

I love looking up.  If I'm in my house, I can only see the ceiling.  In my front yard, I see bits of blue sky through the trees.  It could be easy to say that this is all there is. But then I look at the sky.  Sometimes there is just that ceiling of blue.… Continue reading Looking to the sky

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Big or Small?

via Daily Prompt: Specific Think BIG or think small. Think general or think specific. The way we think determines what we get done.  Thinking BIG is great!  It helps expand your vision and helps you get an idea of what you want to see, have or become.  The hard part comes in trying to bring… Continue reading Big or Small?

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I can’t agree more.

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

I want to die admiring the effort I directed towards achieving my goals.  

And because I could die today, I will direct effort towards achieving my goal TODAY.

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Stream of conciousness

The instructions say to write for 20 minutes… I’ll give it a shot.  My OCD perfectionist is causing this to go a little slow since any errors or typos MUST be corrected before moving forward…. I guess that is one issue I’ll need to work on. My mind tends to go towards all the things… Continue reading Stream of conciousness