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Self-improvement in the new year

Over the last couple of months, I've been sick at home. While trying to be somewhat productive, I've re-organized my crafting supplies (and decided on a few new things I need to put in place) and updated my financial records in case I turn crafting into an actual business. My creative mojo is pretty much… Continue reading Self-improvement in the new year

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Crafting my way into 2018!

The biggest thing that I learned in 2017 is that people truly appreciate receiving handmade kindness. I'm amazed that I didn't realize this before now, but crafters truly make the world a happier place, and I'm so glad to be part of this elite group.

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Hello again.

Hi Guys!I've been busy trying to reorganize my life, my stuff and my priorities over the last month and I've been busy trying to reorganize my life, my stuff and my priorities over the last month and haven't posted recently.  The recent obsession with crafting, paper crafting specifically, has caused an influx of tools and supplies… Continue reading Hello again.

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Stream of conciousness

The instructions say to write for 20 minutes… I’ll give it a shot.  My OCD perfectionist is causing this to go a little slow since any errors or typos MUST be corrected before moving forward…. I guess that is one issue I’ll need to work on. My mind tends to go towards all the things… Continue reading Stream of conciousness

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Why I do not agree with the “process” of decluttering.

Decluttering has become a major revolution these days. Many blogs and videos have emerged about decluttering, how to do it and advantages of decluttering. Decluttering includes throwing away or don… Source: Why I do not agree with the "process" of decluttering.